June 7
I’ve arrived in Berlin after having to leave Finland. It’s a difficult time to move countries, sure, but nothing compared to the pain and grief being carried by Black folks in my former home of the United States right now. I feel this moment as a real moment of reckoning for my birth place, so-called Australia as well, which has been largely disengaged and unmoved by Blak deaths at the hands of police for a long time. 

There are so many places I would encourage peple who might be reading this to donate, to listen, to read, to learn, to stand up, to have the difficult conversations, to be the killjoy at the dinner party, to argue to defund the police and abolish prisons, to mourn, to support, to grieve publicly, to educate yourself, to do this work ev-er-y-day. I’m going to put some things here, which I will probably update over time. Now is a time for centring and lifting up Bla(c)k voices.

I’ve been posting a lot of resources for white folks to get educated and keep working on my instagram, and some more wordy, petition-y stuff on my facebook, but here are some things:

Bigger umbrella resources for actions/donations/bail funds/justice
Black Lives Matter USA:
National Bailout:
Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance WAR:
National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services:
Pay The Rent:
Sisters Inside Bail fund:

LGBTQI funds and orgs led by or focused on BIPOC
The Okra Project (Black Trans support)
The Marsha P Johnson insitute
LGBTQ - Freedom Fund:
The Trevor Project:
Black Rainbow

Sources to LEARN (please please credit and PAY Black folks for their labour in putting together these resources where you can)
For scaffolding anti-racism education:*DGlqxREci3iNQuzetJK9mA#
For a fabulous anti-rascism resource with less scaffolding:
Black artists and labels to support on Bandcamp list:*Liusbx4IHxqJsSS8QdRLng#
Sherwood Forest Zine Library (AMAZING collection of zine on racism, abolition, police, activism and justice)

MAY 27
Portals out today

Experimental music treasure Cafe Oto have recently launched an online label TakuRoku to support the venue and artists during COVID times, and I was lucky enough to collaborate with the magical Marja Ahti on this project for it. It’s been one of the great joys of this strange spring, sending recordings back and forth with Marja, and I’m so glad to be able to share it. Link below.

Swedish-Finnish composer/sound artist Marja Ahti and Australian cellist/composer Judith Hamann developed Portals collaboratively from their respective lockdown spaces in Finland, sending recordings back and forth across the eastern most arm of the Baltic sea from Turku to Suomenlinna. Their lines of acoustic & electronic sound pull each other through different composite terrains, revealing imaginary scenery and creating a palimpsest of geographies and time. Akin to film-maker Andrei Tarkovsky's focus “on the pressure of time", Marja and Judith give weight to each frame of sound’s internal narrative, letting each move slowly from land to island, sea to forest, mundane to remarkable, domestic to public, as if caught in dream motion. As the title suggests, the release offers frames, or windows into Marja and Judith's combined hearing, into spaces they've created together during this time: simultaneously near and distanced.

Marja Ahti / electronics, magnetic tape, field recordings
Judith Hamann / cello, field recordings

With thanks to HIAP Suomenlinna for providing Judith with safe harbour this spring.

Cover design by Oli Barrett

MAY 11
HIAP Open Studios
The open studios event at HIAP this Spring session has gone online due to COVID restrictions, and you can find all of us and some little excerpts of things I’ve worked on while in residence over here:

I’m particularly fond of these frottage pieces I’ve been working on, where I’m thinking about the activity of frottage as something akin to an act of recording. These pieces, like some of field recording/feedback work I’ve been working on here, create imaginary ‘recordings’ of physical space, objects, and textures, fictional landscapes. I’ve been taking rubbings of my interior walls, outdoor stone walls, trees, and rocks, making them part of the one tracing, a recording of an impossible surface.

Photos by Sheung Liu, with many thanks to HIAP

Rammed Earth tests
Gravel collected from Suomenlinna and Finnish red clay
APRIL - MAY 2020

Long drawing
It grows...

AMPLIFY 2020 Quarantine - Erstwhile - Days Collapse...

Erstwhile wonder Jon Abbey, in collaboration with Vanessa Rossetto and Matthew Revert is curating and making some magic happen for AMPLIFY 2020: Quarantine. So far some of my favourite artists and humans have made work for this amazing project, and it’s been one of my highlights of each day during this wild time listening to each submission.

Jon was kind enough to invite me to make something and you can have a listen over here:

Or keep it forever as a lossless download here:

Some of my favourites so far include pieces by Andie Brown, Radio Cegeste, Reinier Van Houdt, Will Guthrie, Alan F Jones, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson, and of course super beautiful pieces by Vanessa Rossetto and Matthew Revert.

A Jurist for Nothing
Out tomorrow on Gertrude Tapes, is Alan F Jones’ latest solo. It’s a beautiful record, and I am lucky to have been invited to join Al with one of my fave duo partners Lori Goldston for one special track...

It’s a hard, risky, brave time to be putting out vinyl, so please support your local record label if you can!

Check out Al’s record here:

Geography Update - COVID-19 cancellations etc.
Hi everyone, a very special Judy geography update.
I've had people writing worried whether I'm ok, which is a fair question since

a) I don't live anywhere
b) my housing is usually tied to shows
 c) there are no more shows for a long time

tl;dr I'm ok-ish at the moment

I am very lucky right now, because I arrived at a residency with HIAP on the island of Suomenlinna in Finland just before shit got *really* real. I have stable housing and a place to work somewhere isolated and beautiful until the end of May which is incredible anyway, but feels extra miraculous since we are in the midst of a pandemic and my respiratory system is total rubbish. All my work has been cancelled just like everyone else's and it's terrifying but I'm safe rn. So don't worry about me, at least not right now anyway.

I'm so impressed and amazed and thrilled by how quickly people are inventing new things and figuring out how to survive and make music and creating new digital spaces and thank you in particular Café OTO Fielding Hope, Ilan Volkov and Jon Abbey’s AMPLIFY 2020: quarantine for everything you've been doing/posting, it's such a help to so many people. Please check out what they're up to if you love sounds and support them and the artists they are working with/posting.

I know there's so much to worry about right now and everything is wild but if you love music please buy it directly from artists/smaller labels which are under threat particularly in places which don't have any form of healthcare or social safety nets, if you can afford it please donate your tickets from events which have been cancelled instead of asking for a refund, donate to venues/artists who are live streaming what you would have spent on overpriced pub beer at very the least!

Also if you're in a position to, please consider donating to your local domestic violence support organisations who will be really needed for people at risk in this bunkering down time, please donate to protecting first nations folks health if you're quarantining on stolen land, also to mental health orgs, and fundraisers for sex workers who are particularly vulnerable in this messed up time.

I have no idea what happens next. Thank you everyone for checking in on me it's been a brutal and sad week.



HIAP Suomenlinna
I’ve recently arrived in Finland where I will be doing a three month residency at HIAP on the island of Suomenlinna. I’m thrilled to be here and looking forward to a quiet time making many things. Huge thanks to the Australia Council for the Arts for this opportunity.

These are weird times, stay safe out there, wash your hands!

Feb tour dates

I’ve arrived in the UK for a little quiet time in Canterbury before this run of compeltely different but all wonderful shows gets going. More details on the schedule page but coming right up...

Anthea Caddy + Judith Hamann, Cafe Oto, London

Solo performances for ‘Open Day’ Musical Ecologies (Sarah Hennies - Loss and a Shaking Studies solo set), Onassis Cultural Center, Athens

Solo/duo with Biliana Voutchkova, Instants Chavirés, Paris

Malibu + Judith Hamann, Sonic Acts Festival, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

Heiligenstadt LP
Coming out in the spring on Fragment Factory:  Heiligenstadt LP with BJ Nilsen and Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson.

EMS Composer in Residence

Anthea Caddy and I have been in Stockholm for a few days now, spending a week as composers in residence making new work at EMS. It’s such a wonderland at the studios here and I’m excited to be working on finishing up material for our new co-composition supported by the APRA AMCOS Art Music Fund.

I’ll be staying on for an extra few days to perform at Fylkingen on a wonderful bill hosted by the excellent folks at FRIM, more info on that here:

Anthea in her natural element: surrounded by speakers

One Arm Bandits
I spent the weekend with all these mates in Middletown CT recording Alvin Lucier’s cello quartet One Arm Bandits. Here we all are holding possible the best transport pick up sign I’ve ever come across. Can’t wait to hear how it all comes out.

USA visits

I’m getting ready to head to the US for a few weeks, and I’m so looking forward to seeing so many friends and making some exciting new work, playing some shows, and doing some exciting recording projects...

First up, I’m thrilled to be performing works by Eliane Radigue with Charles Curtis for Blank Forms on November 4th in NYC. From there I spend a few days visiting my former home(s) in Southern California, before heading to Harvard to work with Yvette Janine Jackson, then Middletown CT and back to NYC to play with my favourite bagpiper David Watson. More info can be found on the schedule page...

Upcoming German activities
I’m back in the Northern Hemisphere for a long while now, and this weekend I’m moonlighting as a ‘drummer’ with Ned Collette in the Netherlands and Germany.

Coming up fast is a huge presentation of Anthony Braxton’s Sonic Genome for the Berlin Jazz Festival at the Groupius Bau with 60 musicians from all over the world, performing a six hour realisation of this work. Should be wild.

More info can be found here:

Upcoming in Birraranga/Melbourne 
Doing a few things in Melbourne this week, including INLAND, an Mlab performance and artist talk, and most importantly premiering Cat Hope’s new ‘concerto’ for two cellos, choir, and electronics with cello mate Tristen Parr and the Monash University Singers.

ECM 50 concert
I’m in Oslo making some new beautiful things with Mette Henriette and Johan Lindvall and on the 28th we perform for the ECM 50th Birthday festival, sharing the evening with Carla Bley Trio. It’s so lovely to be here, and many exciting things are ahead...

BIFEM 2019
Heading to Bendigo today to work with my favourite string quartet, this week we’ll be developing the Australian premiere of Robert Ashley’s string quartet and pay our respects to all living creatures who inhabit dark places and who, over the years, have developed acuity in the art of echolocation (Lucier’s Vespers), among works by Katie Young and Deniz Nurhat, and a working on a new version of  Ann Rosén‘s Graphite Barrier, for electronics, string quartet, and live graphite.

More info here:

In Melbourne for Supersense Festival of the Ecstatic, performing with my loves Golden Fur, and as a trio with Rully Shabara and Tony Buck. There are so many incredible artists traveling to Melbourne for this festival, I’m so looking forward to these treats.

More information here:

TURA Sonus Tour
I’ve been involved in TURA New Music’s regional program in the Kimberley for a few years now, and am so thrilled to be going out this year with the amazing Naomi Pigram, Mark Atkins, and Aviva Endean. I’m so lucky to get to work with these artists and people and landscapes and communities and kids in one of the most amazingly beautiful places on earth.

The Kimberley has one of the highest indigenous suicide rates in the world, and specifically the highest indigenous youth suicide rate in the world. Numbers are already past 70 deaths for 2019. This is a crisis, and needs to be part of our national conversation, NOW. If you’d like to read more about this, please check the following links:

Dark Mofo
Touched down in Hobart yesterday and I’m so, so looking forward to playing with Mette Henreitte for Dark Mofo. There is some really magic connecting taking place in the lead up to our concert tomorrow. I think the show is sold out, but there might be some tickets on the door if you’re lucky... <3

West Coast tour
A little string of west coast happenings coming up with two of the most amazing women I know and have the immense good fortune to get to make music with: Anna Homler (in California) and Lori Goldston (for the PNW shows).

JUNE 8 - Duo with Anna Homler: Interpreting the work of Dorit Cypis
Santa Monica Prefecture, Los Angeles

JUNE 9 - Solo performance for The Unwrinkled Ear
Coaxial, Los Angeles

JUNE 11 - Lori Goldston + Judith Hamann duo
Nalanda West, Seattle

JUNE 13 - Lori Goldston + Judith Hamann + Alan F. Jones + Greg Kelley + Eric Padget + Austin Larkin
Teatro de la Psychomachia, Seattle

JUNE 14 - Lori Goldston + Judith Hamann duo
Toast, Vancouver BC

JUNE 15 - Lori Goldston + Judith Hamann duo
The Business, Anacortes

MAY 23
Up ahead
Another small announcement that is somewhat future oriented.  I’ll be an artist in residence at EMS Stockholm with Anthea Caddy December 2 - 8 this year, working on a new composition for multi-channel diffusion in part thanks to the APRA AMCOS Art Music Fund’s commission of our new work.

Then from March 1 to May 30 2020, I’ll be an artist in residence for HIAP (Helsinki International Artist Program) on the island of Suomenlinna, Finland thanks to the Australia Council for the Arts.

I’ve never spent any time in Scandinavia so I am stoked about these upcoming jaunts. 

Photo credit Martina Biagi for Tempo Reale

MAY 20
I’ve had a magical time performing in two very special spaces in Mexico City the last couple of days: Diego Rivera’s Anahucalli Museum with Fear of the Object, and Ex-Teresa with Rogelio Sosa for his release on Substrata. Here are some photos from the Ex-Teresa show by the amazing Rhizomes Films

MAY 10
I’m thrilled to announce that Anthea Caddy and I are among the recipients of this year’s APRA AMCOS Art Music Fund. We’ll be making a new electro-acoustic work together over the rest of the year, and then touring it about to many places. We are in some wonderful company, congratulations to all the successful applicants! For more information:

I’ll be spending the next six weeks touring in the US, Mexico, and Canada. Check the shedule page for updates about shows! First up, Fear of the Object (Kjell Bjorgeegen and Chris Cogburn) tour in Texas and central Mexico. Kjell’s practice is centered on flicker and I, unfortunately, suffer from stroboscopic migraines, so I’ll be spending every show blindfolded. 

April 27 FOTO - Austin + Martin Taxt
April 28 FOTO - Dallas
April 30 Pikelet, Los Angeles, Zebulon
May 4 FOTO - San Miguel de Allende 
May 8 FOTO - Puebla 
May 11  FOTO - Oaxaca City
May 16  FOTO - Mexico City + Juan J Garcia
May 17 Rogelio Sosa - Ecliptic lauch - Mexico City, Ex-Teresa


This came out a little while ago, but I only recently received the real life physical copies of this new-ish album of Klaus Lang and Golden Fur’s collaborative piece ‘Beissel’. They look gorgeous and Angie Jennings’ artwork is just stunnning. Thank you so much to Simon Reynell at Another Timbre for putting this out.

I remember the process of making this really vividly, styaing with Klaus in the Austrian Alps, getting locked in the monastery during the world cup semi-final, James and Sam swimming in the lake and DJ Solid Sounds jamming some wrong Rod Stewart tunes at the local. I’m so happy this is out in the world, and that so far, people seem to like it. Here are a couple of early reviews of the album:

Just Outside - Brian Olewnick
Boring Like a Drill - Ben Harper

Here’s a photo of James and Klaus having a light nap outside the monastery at St. Lambrecht back in 2016

Alloys review
I’m a bit late posting this, but despite some inaccuracies (like the confusion between the title of my research project with Charles Curtis and my solo cello work), it’s a nice review from this month’s Wire Magazine of my record with Lori Goldston out on Marginal Frequency.

I’m in Berlin for the next couple of weeks for Maerz Musik. I’m doing two great shows which happen to be the opening and closing concerts. More info on the schedule page!

Solo touring
Porto beach feelings

I’m in Berlin for rehearsals right now but I have a short, slightly hectic, but exciting stretch of travel ahead including:

March 10 - A live solo recording/filming session in London
Contact me for details if you'd like to attend.

March 12 - Playing a little Alvin Lucier with The Ever Present Orchestra
(crazy line up of magical ones on this bill includign Oren Ambarchi, Thurston Moore, John Tibury, Lucy Railton, and Jennifer Walshe)
Round Chapel, London

March 14 - Solo at DAMAS, Lisbon

March 17 - Solo at Sonoscopia, Porto

March 18 - Duo with Ingar Zach, Cruce, Madrid

Bye Krems
So long and thanks for all the pastels

Heading to Amsterdam today to play Sonic Acts with Anthea Caddy. I’m so happy to be part of this amazing festival,in amazing company, playing at the Paradiso, and also to be fulfilling something of a dream, by performing with the GRM acousmonium.

From the festival program:
“Exactly 11 years since we first had the honour of hosting them, we welcome back our friends from the National Audiovisual Institute’s Musical Research Group in Paris (Groupe de recherches musicales, Institut national de l’audiovisuel – or Ina GRM), with their legendary 80-speaker orchestra, the Acousmonium. The evening will feature commissioned works by Okkyung Lee and BJ Nilsen, a new piece by Thomas Ankersmit dedicated to Maryanne Amacher, legendary works by Dick Raaijmakers, Eliane Radigue and Régis Renouard Larivière, and acousmatic live performances by Beatriz Ferreyra, Anthea Caddy and Judith Hamann, as well as François Bonnet and Keith Fullerton Whitman.”

I’ve just arrived in Krems, Austria where I’ll be an artist in residence for the month of February. I am unreasonably excited about having my own space to work and live for this time period, once I get through the exhaustion of that last couple of months! I’ll be working on some writing connected to an ongoing discourse based project with Charles Curtis, new solo cello work, and developed some recorded/fixed media projects.

More information about the residency can be found here:

Alloys - Lori Goldston and Judith Hamann
coming soon on Marginal Frquency

Postscript (Jan 29)
Lovely write up by Steve Smith on the National Sawdust Log here

After the longest new years day ever (40 odd hours, the magic of time travel!) I’m going to bed in California. Very excited about upcoming projects here with some incredible musicians. The next few weeks are making me more excited about playing ‘pieces’ than I have been in a long time...

Details on the schedule page but also here:
Monday Evening Concerts
Performing Sarah Hennies ‘Contralto’
Zipper Hall, Los Angeles

JANUARY 16 & 17
He Pūtōrino Mākutu (a magic flute): a taonga pūoro puppet opera
With original music by: Rob Thorne (Ngāti Tumutumu), Celeste Oram and Alex Taylor
Hearing the Future Festival - San Diego Symphony
The Sandbox, San Diego
more information here:


Winging my way to Mexico City for this excellent thing. So happy to be returning!

I’ve retrurned to Southern California for a short stretch, the first trip to the US since getting a new artist visa for the US and I am slightly overwhelmed by just how wonderful it feels to be back, how much I’ve missed it, how complex it feels on telescopic level, personal, social, community, professionally, artistically, politically, activism-ally. 

I’ll be playing a few shows in SoCal, then heading off to Chicago, Ithaca, Baltimore, and Mexico City over the next few weeks. One very special thing I’ll be doing here, is a performance of La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela’s The Melodic Version (1984) of The Second Dream of The High-Tension Line Stepdown Transformer from The Four Dreams of China (1962) in Dream Light as part of the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s Fluxus Festival at Walt Disney Concert Hall. I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to work with Charles Curtis, Jung Hee Choi, and Ben Neil among many others to bring this realization into being, and to revisit this work again.

More info on that here:

And more info on upcoming shows in Northern America on the schedule page.

Temporary Berlin
I’m spending the next little while in Berlin while certain life questions and concerts and visa paperwork all being works in progress plants me in something of a limbo state. However, there’s much to be working on and seeing and doing here, and I’m keeping busy preparing for the premiere performance of Sarah Hennies’ new work ‘Loss’ for humming cellist and electronics on October 7th, as well as a short jaunt to London to play a solo set for Silver Road Presents. More info in the schedule section. Here’s to Autumnal splendour, leaves and hail.

Resident of the Forest
I’ve been fortunate enough to be invited to undertake a two week artist in residence work period at the Cooroora Institute on the Sunshine Coast. It is so beautiful up here, and I’m excited about the work underway in collaboration with artist Karla Pringle, as well as having the opportunity to develop some new cello work. Some photos below...

My immense thanks to the Australian Cultural Fund for making this residency possible.

Australia time
I've arrived back in Australia (very) fresh from performing in the UK. I did a sneaky solo set for the Inland Concert Series in Melbourne before heading off to the Kimberley with the Tura New Music regional tour to work in community and schools. More info here:

After this, I'll be performing at the Avantwhatever festival in Melbourne and presenting a paper and performance on my cello based 'Shaking Studies' work at the Gender Diversity in Music Making conference at Monash University.

Then, finally, I'll be taking a break from touring and playing, doing some hiberation in Melbourne winter, and hopefully carving out enough space to get making again, writing, working out new material, recording even (!). Phew. It's been a wild year.

Anthea Caddy and Judith Hamann at Tempo Reale, Florence
I have packed up and left the United States for good, following the completion of my doctorate at UC San Diego. Off into the wilds of the world I now go, the rest of the year a mixture of Europe and Australian adventures.
First up, a short residence period for Tempo Reale in Florence! Info on the show, and also the workshop can be found below...

Anthea and I are extremely grateful to Creative Victoria and the Australia Council for the Arts in making this possible for us.


Coming up is the last show I'll be organising in SoCal, and it is really exciting for me to be curating an event that is focused on installation and performance based work, but not in any way sound oriented. This show will unfold throughout the live/work loft at space for art, using beds, bathrooms, laundries, parking lots, to house works that speak to ideas of a kind of porousness between domestic space and working space. Some of favourite artists and people from San Diego and Tijuana have kindly agreed to be part of this last event, and I'm so excited to see it all together in the space.

Julia Reidy and Judith Hamann Tour

This is sort of my "last hurrah" tour, a farewell tour if you will. Julia and I will mostly be performing solo sets of our own, but I'll also be doing some playing with people who have become really important to me over the time I've lived in the United States.

More info about Julia here:

FEB 20
No Idea

I'm so honoured to be traveling to Austin to perform with this amazing collection of musicians. Very much looking forward to my first time in Texas.


I've barely been back in San Diego a second, but I'm heading to the Bay Area to perform at this amazing series that I'd always hoped to play ever since my mate Joe Cantrell told me about it. I'm looking forward to meeting A-168 (the bunker with seven second reverb), and all the Re:Sound crew.

JAN 12
Heading home for the summer
I'll be in Australia doing all these lovely things with these lovely people shortly. There's more info on the schedule page but looking forward to some home time for a spell...
January 18 Ned Collette Band w/ Wirewalker + Strings - Gasometer, Melbourne

January 22 Inland Concert Series: Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello - Church of All Nations, Melbourne

January 23 Make It Up Club 20th Birthday Celebrations: trio with Clare Cooper and Bonnie Lander (plus SO many amazing friends!) - Bar Open, Melbourne

January 24 + 27 The Now now Festival: with Steve Heather and Ned Collette + with Cor Fuhler and Bonnie Lander - 107 Projects, Sydney

February 3 - 4 SoundOut Festival - Drill Hall Gallery, Canberra


DEC 29

Here are some results of the recent collaboration with Cedric Tai which premiered in Detroit recently.

Concept and Mechanisms by Cedric Tai, Score "Ashering" by Judith Hamann.

Prints from multiple performances of the score at Simone DeSousa Gallery as performed by Yuri Popowycz (Violin) and James Cornish (Trumpet)

NOV 22
Arnold Dreyblatt Tokyo Ensemble 2017
12/16 (SAT)
Super Deluxe

Arnold Dreyblatt
Jim O'Rourke
Oren Ambarchi
Konrad Sprenger
Samuel Dunscombe
Eiko Ishibashi
Judith Hamann
Toshiaki Sudo
Joe Talia

NOV 19
Shaking Studies
Many exciting ideas, developments and concepts floating around after a great weekend with friend and collaborator Rachel Yezbick. Shaking tables, hyperobjects, slow motion, accelerometers. More soon...

Photo  from structural engineering lab at UC San Diego

I'm thrilled to announce my album with Rosalind Hall is almost out in the world on the wonderful caduc. Immense thank yous from both of us to Mathieu Ruhlmann, Alan Jones, and Matthew Revert for all your care, magic and contributions to this release.

Most of all, THANK YOU to the amazing Carolyn Connors. Without you, this album would not exist.

Available on Nov. 15th in an edition of 100 glass-mastered CD packaged in an outsized gatefold card stock cover with printed bookmark in a PVC sleeve.
Artwork and design by Matthew Revert

OCT 30
Upcoming PNW dates

Nov 3 (Seattle, Woodland Theater) - Duoss (long form improvised duos/trio set w/ Greg Kelley and Alan Jones)

Nov 5 (Seattle, Racer Sessions at Gallery 1412)

Nov 9 (Seattle, Earshot jazz festival at The Chapel Performance Space) with Lori Goldston

Nov 10 (Vancouver, BC, Red Gate) - Quiet City performance series solo with Dashes, Mathieu Ruhlmann + Joda Clément + Alan Jones, and Man Forever.

AUG 30
BIFEM is happening again. I’ll be tearing around like crazy all weekend, playing 13 pieces. Particularly exited to be playing with my beloved string quartet! Bendigo ahoy...