Paper Membranes
A paper membrane considers the activity of frottage as an act of recording. These pieces, in a similar approach to the use of field recording in my recent work, collapse the idea of truth, creating imaginary ‘recordings’ of physical space, objects, and textures. These fictional landscapes, merge interior and exterior spaces, where interior wall, tree, and stone become part of the one tracing, a recording of an impossible surface.

Photos 1 and 4 by Sheung Yiu with thanks to HIAP

Work in progress for durational sensorimotor drawings and massed recordings
MARCH - MAY 2020

Work in progress for durational sensorimotor drawings and massed recordings is an exploration of how we might represent duration, labour, and massing through sound artefacts. It is also a component of my research project Shaking Studies. Built slowly from a daily practice of mark making guided by physical impulses of the body and the resistance of marker and paper, this visually gestures towards seismographs, electrocardiograms, or polygraphs: recordings and measurements of impulse, tremor, truth, or signs of life. This work was intended to be experienced as an installation, with the unspooled drawing spanning my studio space at HIAP Suomenlinna, with the audio of each recording stacked into a massed sound work of jagged micro-rhythmic events and noise.

Photo 2 by Sheung Yiu with thank to HIAP

Video by Shubhangi Singh with thanks to HIAP

Work for two hands and massed recordings

Rammed Earth tests
Gravel collected from Suomenlinna and Finnish red clay
APRIL - MAY 2020

Absence Makes the Heart Grow
Analogue recording device tests: clay -  MARCH 2020